Alcohol Free,
Tequila Inspired.

The UK's first agave based Tequila alternative.

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Embodying the spirit of the Mockingbird, humbly mimicking the traditional taste of Tequila, allowing you to have all the margaritas with none of the migraines.

authenticity starts with
Blue Agave

Mockingbird is made with Blue Agave, straight from the source in Tequila, Mexico.

Reverse the hangover


Drinking Mockingbird can help your mind and body manage stress and anxiety...

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Brimming with mind and body boosting ingredients.

A real alcohol alternative for a sober lifestyle.

Tastes just like tequila, without the hangover.

It tastes almost identical to the real thing (without the wince-inducing punch of alcohol). There are top notes of earthy blue weber agave, sweet vanilla and cinnamon — with a fiery, healthy hint of habanero for that true South American mouth feel. Shots never tasted so wholesome.

Gentleman’s Journal

I’m really impressed at how the nuances of tequila have been captured so well here. The sweet oak element reminiscent of barrel ageing, the fleshy blue weber agave and a slight kick of habanero which all intertwine to create a truly well crafted and delicious non-alcoholic alternative.

Aidy Smith, The Three Drinkers

I was genuinely blown away by the quality. The power and intensity of a really complex profile is better than anything I’ve tried in this category previously. I love the typicity of the blue agave vegetal notes that compare so closely to tequila. The finish is insanely long. Well done, this is truly excellent.

Kelly J Stevenson, DipWSET