5 At Home Bar Hacks

Can’t get to the bar? Bring the bar to you!

We all fancy ourselves a bit of an amateur mixologist these days, me included. Lockdowns have led to all manner of experimentation – I’m looking at you with the YouTube haircut – and our drinks can definitely be included in that. We had the official (unofficial) launch of The Quarantini back in Lockdown 1.0. The one where you grab anything and everything you can get your hands on and basically shove into a glass.

But guys, this is Lockdown 3.0 now, we’ve evolved dah-lings.

Here’s 5 really simple steps you can take to elevate the at home drinking experience so that we can start to do our newfound, TikTok learnt skills some justice!

  1. ICE. Literally almost every drink starts with the humble ice cube. So unassuming in its appearance, you sometimes forget it’s such an integral part of any concoction you’re having a stab at. Why not get some cool ice cube trays? I love the ones which make GIANT cubes which almost fill the glass in their entirety. It’s fun to balance a garnish atop said iceberg, I mean, ice cube – plus they just look great. Or I’ve also got some little skull ones which come out looking like the 💀emoji and honestly, we all need a bit of that in our lives.

Links for inpo:

3D Skull Silicone Ice Tray £7.99; Attitude Clothing

Epicurean Giant Cube Ice Mould £5.25; Stuff For The Kitchen 

  1. GLASSWARE. It’s been scientifically proven* (*by me, on my own, in a non-scientific environment) that nice glassware actually makes the drink taste better and makes you feel more fabulous. Have you ever had orange juice at breakfast in a champagne glass? That is evidence right there. Treat yourself to one or two glasses perhaps that signify your ‘proper drink’ time. The post work tipple is always a good one to celebrate or maybe your Friday evening one should be marked with the good glasses. You deserve it.

Links for inspo:

Boogie Woogie Champagne Coupe £95.00; Cumbria Crystal

Saguaro Cactus Style Coffee Cups £19.95; The Gifted Few

  1. STRAWS. Often overlooked and underappreciated, there’s so many exciting straws nowadays. Yes, I just described a straw as exciting. There are no rules when it comes to straws except make sure they are eco-friendly or reusable, none of that plastic rubbish we used to have in the olden days. Patterns are fun to play around with, I really like the ones which look like something they’re not, like the ones that appear to be a bamboo shoot but actually it’s just recycled paper- cunning!

Links for inspo:

Eco Friendly Bamboo Pattern Paper Straws £4.00; Joom

Metal Rainbow Straws £8.00; Elephant Box

  1. COCKTAIL SHAKER. As Queen Taylor Swift says, ‘you gotta shake it off, shake it off’. And that’s exactly what I’d suggest as well. Long, hard day? Shake it off with a sexy cocktail shaker filled with your fave alcohol free spirit (Mockingbird) and some delish mixer and ice and your troubles are guaranteed to just slip away. They accessorize a room, bring sparkle to your bar cart and actually are super handy and versatile to play around with and create your best booze free pours yet. In a way it’s even better than being at the bar because you can make it the exact way you want it- silver linings!

Links for inspo:

Pineapple Cocktail Shaker 2 In 1 Cup £26.40; Light In The Box

Rocket Cocktail Shaker £24.99; Drink Stuff

  1. JUGS. All this mixing and presenting and garnishing can sometimes be a bit much- amirite? Now and again it’s cool to just make a big batch of something yummy and let everyone help themselves. I love, love, LOVE making frozen alcohol-free margaritas by the bucket load. Chuck everything in the blender, whip it together, decant into something gorgeous and leave on the table for a serve-yourself-sitch. Obviously any mocktail/ cocktail combo can usually be popped into a nice kilner or a striking carafe style arrangement but margs are bae. Just keep it topped up with ice and maybe throw in some embellishments, but really this is the type of drink that’ll pretty much look after itself for the entirety of your day/ evening.

Links for inspo:

Kilner 5 Litre Drinks Dispenser £15.00; Dunelm

Bobble glass jug 2L £95.00; Selfridges

I know blinging up your drinks at home during a pandemic is pretty low on the priority list most of the time, but you have to admit, it’s quite a nice distraction and not a bad way to while away those long lockdown evenings with the other half or your frantic family.

Have some fun, make mocktails and memories.

Warm regards & AF margs,