Abstaining at Xmas: Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Jingle Bells, Guys & Gals!

Christmas has crept up on us a little bit this year. You know, what with the other MAJOR goings on… but whatevs, it’s here now. We’re seeing Chrimbo trees going up on Insta left, right and centre, Mariah’s dulcet tones have graced our ears a few times already and there’s a new invention that everyone’s going on about; A Christmas Bubble! Exciting times indeed. However, if you are planning on abstaining at Xmas, it is really key you prepare.

 So, whether you’re planning on just taking it a little easier on the booze this year or cutting it out completely, now’s the time to check out all the amazing offerings there are to keep your glass topped up over the Holidays but making sure we are keeping the hangovers toned down.

 Country & Town House Magazine put together a list of The Best Cocktail Delivery Kits for the festive season. There’s something in there to keep everyone happy, all at very different price points too. Our Alcohol-Free Margarita Kit that we collaborated on alongside Bax Botanics with The Alcohol Free Co features as their non-alc option but there’s choices for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. You can purchase the AF Marg Kit HERE. It’s £34.95 and includes 1 x 50cl Mockingbird Spirit & 1 x 50cl Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn- there’s also a mini version which is only £17.49 and includes 2 x 5cl Mockingbird Spirit & 1 x 200ml Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn. *Cheers to that*.

 You might be staying home, but you can still make it fancy!

 It begs the question; ‘what happens when you can’t go to the bar for the festive drinks you wanted to have?’ – The answer: ‘Bring the bar to you!’ That’s exactly what The Virgin Mary Bar are allowing you to do with their All-You-Can-Drink Christmas Deluxe Kit. They are Dublin’s famous ‘Sobar’ which has pivoted this year due to, well, you know… and they have now extended their reach, right into the comfort of your home. It has a whopping 31 items and comes in at €449.99.

‘’This ultimate alcohol-free kit is a sober lover’s dream!

Featuring 2 aperitifs, 5 alt-spirits, 4, adaptogenic elixirs, 4 porters, 10 tonic waters, 5 different red, white & sparkling wines and a partridge in a pear tree!

It’s the only all-you-can-drink Christmas hamper that won’t hamper your activities the next day. It really is – all the celebration with none of the regret!’’.

You’ll see all your faves in there I’m sure, including yours truly. They have a lot of other great selection gift boxes though at various different price points HERE.

 The moral of the story is that this Christmas, more than any in the past, there are so many gorgeous AF treats you can look to stock around the house for yourself or family members who are going to make it a mindful celebration this year.

 If you’re ever stuck for ideas or want some mocktail inspo to keep you and your guests on their toes when it comes to the myriad ways you can use non alc spirits, please do feel free to check out our YouTube channel where we update you with weekly videos and how-to’s HERE. Like, subscribe, share with your mateys.

 And remember, Mockingbird Spirit is for life, not just for Christmas.