AF Margs Are In The Air

Even if love isn’t necessarily in the air this Valentine’s Day, at least AF margs definitely can be.

Our very first Valentine’s Lockdown – awwwww. And dear Lord please let it be our last, Amen. Plans are a little restrictive but hopefully we’ve all found something to do, eat or drink to mark the occasion. I’ve seen some great Zoom Crafternoons perfect for Galentine’s, you can do Chocolate Making Workshops online if you’re celebrating Palentine’s and I’ve personally booked to have the Club Mexicana Vegan Taco Kit delivered. All hail the internet.

I trust you have all got ample Mockingbird in to keep the whistles wet, so to speak? We’re doing a 20% Valentine’s sale for the full size 50cl bottle- just use code VALENTINES20 on our website. You could even buy it as a gift then blame us if it arrives late, cunning!

Plus! and this actually ties in really well, just bear with me…. Ashwagandha – which as you know is our hero ingredient that makes Mockingbird adaptogenic and functional – has got all sorts of passion enhancing properties. You can google it!

‘’We’ve all heard of aphrodisiacs such as oysters and chocolate, but research reveals there’s a healthy plant out there to help people naturally boost their sex drive and achieve an orgasm. A medical study showed that women who took a dose of the plant ashwagandha every day over a month saw significant improvements in achieving orgasm and sexual arousal.’’ – Pukka Herbs.

There’s lots of interesting articles regarding Ashwagandha and its myriad health benefits. One of the key reasons we chose it for the recipe was because it helps improve mental and physical wellbeing by alleviating stress and anxiety. When creating Mockingbird, we wanted it to give a ‘feeling’ not just an (AWESOME) taste. Similar to that sort of ‘ah’ sense you get after having an alcoholic drink, you can achieve that without the booze by just using natures medicines like Ashwagandha, but also many others. If you’re interested in alternative herbal remedies there’s so much information readily available either online or in books like Neals Yard Remedies Complete Wellness.

Personally, I like to take a holistic approach to health in general, because unfortunately there STILL isn’t a magic pill to cure everything- how inconvenient! We all know the do’s and don’ts, so I try and keep them in check. More sleep, less stress, more water, less booze, more greens, less pizza… it’s all about moderation.

Just like this weekend, I’ll be raising an AF Mockingbird marg, enjoying my vegan tacos and sending you all the metaphorical Valentine’s good vibes you can handle. Balance in its finest form.   

Peace & Love

Fern x