Integrating Healthy Habits

Now that Sober October is nearing a close, you might be considering integrating healthy habits you’ve picked up into your life beyond this month. Similarly, if you ditched the booze long ago, you probably enjoyed integrating healthy habits to build upon your sobriety and enhance other aspects of your life. The art of integrating healthy habits is not an overnight phenomenon, it happens in small but mighty steps, and they can be added to as you feel fit. Some ideas and inspiration to follow….

Doing a month-long challenge such as Sober October, Whole30 or Veganuary can be a great starting point for longer and more established tweaks to your life. Sometimes it’s making these decisions that can trigger other happy amends. It’s also very common that once the allotted time is up that you carry through something that you picked up along the way longer than you had initially planned. Very rarely does someone finish Sober October and slip straight back into old drinking habits. It can inspire you because you can see and feel the results of omitting the ritual of alcohol so regularly. This is an example of integrating a healthy habit.

If you achieve a goal, it’s good to tag a new one into it and this is how healthy habits are formed. The same tends to happen if you are on a fitness journey, you may start with a goal such as ‘Couch to 5k’ and then once you have completed it, you’ll want to see how much further you can push your strength and endurance. The more of these healthy habits you add to and grow, you will see results seeping into other areas of your routine.

Your health and wellbeing goals are controlled by you and only you. As humans we are incredibly good at adapting and overcoming fears or adversities, so let’s use that to our advantage and always strive to be doing better and treating our mind, bodies and soul with the kindness and attention they deserve. Incrementally adding healthy habits is not a task that is unreachable, it’s perfectly attainable and will make you feel good, leading to a more well-rounded sense of self. 

Cultivate new relationships with nutrition, fitness, alcohol, and mindfulness at your own pace but never stop striving for a better you. Maybe set yourself mini challenges like upping your step count, reducing your sugar intake, or making extra time for your hobbies. Integrating these healthy habits from all angles will be the building blocks to your evolution as a person. One step at a time, one day at a time and one goal at a time. There is no pressure to be perfect but the progress you will be able to map will give you a sense of purpose and direction that’ll increase your autonomy over your life and what happens within it.

Lastly, do not be afraid to reward yourself. You are doing hard things, you are achieving greatness, give yourself that pat on the back! Never push yourself too hard and be kind to your mind. There are no rules and there certainly shouldn’t be any pressure from you or anyone else. Enjoy the journey as well as the destination and remember; we didn’t come this far to only come this far.