Lockdown 2.0 – The Sequel

Over the weekend BoJo announced the latest Corona related rulez & regs for the United Kingdom, Thursday will mark the start of Lockdown 2.0 – The Sequel. This has not necessarily come as a surprise, but it has been a massive disappointment for many businesses just starting to gather success again after the previous lockdown.

It’s going to be an odd few weeks (or maybe even months) so it’s time we looked at how we can help and get through this as a community.

 It’s sometimes helpful to put together a new schedule that reflects what is best for us as individuals and households. For some, the best thing we can do is focus on what parts of the restrictions we can control rather than dwelling on parts we cannot. Making sure we have some structure and routine can be a small but effective way of coping. This is an area of your life where you will have an element of autonomy so it might be good to home in on that, by setting up your lockdown calendar to include different elements to the day. Why not start with some meditation, even if it’s just a few minutes. You could meal plan your week to make sure you’re getting some good variety into your diet and it’ll help you not get stuck in the ‘crisps are kind of/ basically a dinner’ mindset.

 You could look to do ‘Self Care Sunday’ or ‘Mocktail Monday’ or ‘Taco Tuesday’… you get the piccy.

 We are going to be staying indoors again more which means we have the opportunity to develop more healthy habits to help both our physical and mental health. It’s probably a good idea to try and boost your immunity where possible, this can be done in myriad methods, a cheeky Berocca before brekkie or whizzing up the leftover fruit and veg at the end of the week into a nutritious smoothie or juice.

 If you’re likely to be alone a lot and working from home, make sure at least once a day you’re getting some human contact. A telephone call counts, a zoom or facetime might feel more beneficial but make sure you’re not totally cut off from the outside world.

Exercise is still permitted, whether that be a virtual HIIT class, some yoga on the lawn (weather permitting) or just a quick jaunt around the block to get the blood pumping. It might not feel like it in the moments leading up to said physical activity but overall you will feel better for it. 

 For me personally, I will also be trying to support small local endeavours as much as I can. Whether that’s using their websites to shop if that’s an available option or perhaps frequenting the independent essential stores that are open rather than the chain supermarkets.

 At least once a week I like to mix up a mocktail and share on social media for ideas of how to use your Mockingbird Spirit at home. From now on, I’ll only be using ingredients I can buy from my local greengrocer and collaborating with other likeminded small businesses for mixers.

 I’m going to make sure I am sensitive to others and how they might be feeling. We have to remind ourselves;

 ‘’Yes, we are in the same storm, but we’re not all in the same boat’’.

 Often, it’s the people you think will cope the best (or appear to be coping the best) that are finding it the toughest. Establish some support systems with your nearest and dearest so that you’ll all look out for one another.

 Tomorrow I will be out and about doing the last minute deliveries we are allowed to do to our local stockists who are able to remain open during lockdown and we will still be doing free shipping on any UK orders placed through the website to try and keep our product as accessible as we can during this time.

 If there’s anything we can do to help you or your situation at the moment let me know. Let’s all agree to give as much as we can and only take as much as we need.

 Warm regards & AF margs,