New Year, New Website, Same Magical Mockingbird

Hey Guys

Happy 2021! The new website has now launched. We’ve gone for a slicker, sexier, souped-up version for the New Year… but it’s still same magical Mockingbird Spirit you’re used to.

Mockingbird is coming up to its sixth month since launch and it’s been a trip. We’ve been with you through 2 x lockdowns now, a wonderful debut Sober October for us (and also many of you), the most bizarre Christmas on record and now a little Dry Jan celebration to set us up for the year ahead. 

We’ve seen lots of new faces crop up this month so it would be remiss of me not to say hello and thank you for your support. In return we’re treating you to 30% off all our 50cl bottles with code DRYJAN30. *while stocks last.

This year will hopefully, potentially, maybe (surely!!) be smoother than last, but whatever it throws ours way we’re here for you all the way. You know you can slide into my DM’s anytime with any questions, queries, feedback or general gossip. I love hearing from everyone and staying connected during these times.

There are some fun projects we’re working on that I’m looking forward to sharing more on soon as well as some interesting collaborations and promotions too. You know, gotta keep it fresh.

Hopefully some of you have been partaking in a bit of the Dry January fun this month, or Dryish or Try January- I mean, you do you. It’s such a personal choice what you want to do with your lifestyle decisions so I’m really not here to preach one way or the other. I just know from personal experience though it is a great reset and often a nice way to start the year. 

We’ve been religiously updating the Mockingbird YouTube Channel, tonnes of new content going up there for inspo. Sometimes it’s tricky to like continually think of new ideas when it comes to mixing your AF drinks at home so hopefully this’ll be a nice spot to learn some really simple (and some more complicated, rarely though lol) recipes, but always with things that are readily available within a five min walk from my house. We go to some effort to make them but, you know, not like any ACTUAL EFFORT of sourcing anything too fancy *wink wink*.

Just a bit of fun! Anyways, thanks as always for keeping up to date and checking in.

Always here if you need anything.

Warm regards & AF margs,