Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day


We should show ourselves ALL the gratitude and adoration year-round but if you needed a reminder, this is it! It’s time to show yourself some love this Valentines Day. February 14th doesn’t have to just be fluffy teddy bears and pink hearts, it can be a time of self-care and reflection on just how amazing you are today and every day.

That is why we are giving our customers 22% off this Valentine’s Day to treat yourselves or your loved ones to the gift of Mockingbird. We also do the presentation boxed version of our alcohol-free, agave-based spirit which you can Buy Here.

All you have to do is enter the code VALENTINES22 at checkout and receive your discount across the whole range, including our Esmeralda NA Cervezas which have had a mini restock! Catch them while you can.

If you’re looking for some drinkspiration, you’re in luck! We’ve been working with Breast Cancer UK recently on some beautiful alcohol-free cocktails, one of which is absolutely ideal for Valentine’s Day! May we introduce you to…

The Pomegranate Pleaser


50ml Mockingbird Spirit

15ml pomegranate juice

Top with sparkling water

Mist with a squeeze of orange zest before serving

Method: Build in the glass (a tumbler works great) and serve with pomegranate jewels. 

It’s pink and it is perfectly simple to create. *Chef’s Kiss*

Breast Cancer UK also kindly featured us in this interview with Fern McCoy on Swapping A Negative Habit For A Positive One.


“You can swap one habit that may be negatively impacting your life for a positive habit, and that helps all the other areas to start falling into place,” says Fern McCoy, the founder of Mockingbird, who launched the UK’s first non-alcoholic Tequila alternative in August 2020.


Read more over on their site which is absolutely FULL of interesting and informative pieces on everything from their amazing research to how to get involved yourself.

So, be sure to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day by looking after your mind, body and soul. Reward yourself for being so awesome, mix up some mocktails to celebrate and reach out to anyone you think might be struggling. Love ya! <3