Soak In The Sunshine & Drink Up This Season

 Hey Guys, Gals & Pals,

How are we doing? Hopefully you’ve been out enjoying some of the el scorchio weather, with a few bank lolidays to boot, it’s been a fun few weeks watching everything pick back up (post lockdown, phew) and seeing all the new friends and old enjoying their Mockingbird margs and sipping on delish AF drinkies in the gorgeous sunshine- This. Is. What. We. Live. For.

Our new 0.5%ABV refreshing Mexican cerveza with all the familiar Mockingbird Spirit flavour picked up a medal at The European Beer Challenge 2021 alongside literal legends in the craft brewing arena so that was absolutely incredible. They are now available to buy at all Better Food locations in store for all our lovely, local customers here in Bristol.

Following on from the aforementioned super successful launch of the sexy new Esmeralda NA Cerveza, there is now a bunch of really, like, beer-y events taking place. I’m talking about football (which has never happened IRL before, but here we are). It’s the EUROs – click here for ‘what are the EUROs’ google search result, you’re welcome – which means there’s tonnes of footy matches with an equal amount of potential bottle poppin’ action to accompany said matches. Pick up your non-alcoholic beers, from the website and use code EUROS21 for 21% off. Olé, Olé, Olé!

Not to be too gender specific but if the Dad/ Male Role Model/ Father Figure in your life likes light & golden non-alcoholic beer with a touch of tequila taste, there is a certain celebration taking place 20th June as well that may call for an Esmeralda or two.

There’s also the very-newly-launched gift box option for Mockingbird 70cl which makes a stunner of a present for Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Funerals, Christenings, Divorce Parties, Quinceaneras, Retirement, Adoption Announcements… deffo versatile. It holds a full-size bottle of Mockingbird and saves on wrapping! It’s a bargain at £24.99 and that includes FREE SHIPPING as per all orders via the website. Beaut.

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating (/commiserating) ‘The Beautiful Game’ or toasting to a Padre this month, there is a sunny Summer of BBQ’s & Picnics & Beach Trips to look forward to and we’ve got the bevvies to bring along to them.

Keep in touch, thanks for tuning in and speak soon,

Fern xo