Top 5 Reasons To Take Part In Sober October

Tomorrow marks the start of Sober October. The month-long challenge that Macmillan Cancer Research founded to help alcohol awareness and raise money for life saving treatments.


This year they’re challenging you to either do 14, 21 or the full 31 days of October. They’ve also given the option of a ‘cheat day’ which will mean you have to add £15 of your own money to your fundraising pot but also helps if there is a potential slip or a need for a day off.

Here are our Top 5 reasons to take part in Sober October:


1. It’s only a month but so many positive results can happen during those 30 days. Perhaps after you’ve completed the month your drinking will have reduced long-term too. They’ve even put together these handy resources to keep you motivated. Click here to read.

2. You’ll save some money which you can either put towards something bigger that you’re looking forward to or give yourself little treats throughout the month. If there’s twenty quid you would have spent on a bottle of wine at the pub, why not use it to buy yourself a present… cosy socks for Autumn, something to pimp out your WFH set up or maybe just rent a film on Amazon Prime and have a cinema night.

3. We have put together a nifty little voucher code OCTOBER20, this gives you 20% off all products via our website to keep you topped up throughout the month. Bring on the AF margs!

4. The glow up. Quitting the booze for a month will have positive effects on your sleep, your skin and potentially your waistline. Think of those calories saved, think of the night-time routine you could get yourself into and think how fabulous you’ll look!

5. Yes, you’ll be looking even more gorgeous than before but as we all know it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. Your body will be healthier if you cut out the tipples for a month, your liver will thank you. You’ll start to notice though, not only the physical benefits but the mental ones too.

Alcohol can have devastating results on your mental well-being so even if you think it could be difficult, long term it will be happy days and hangover free mornings.

So, pour yourself a mocktail, commit to what you can and enjoy staying sober this October.