Wait, So What Happens After Sober October?

Sober October; it sorts of creeps up, drags at first, then blink and you’ve missed it.

Regardless of how successful or, ahem, not quite as successful your Sober October went, we wanted to just check in and tackle the question of ‘what happens after Sober October’?

 Sober October is an excellent way to ‘reset’ drinking patterns that could have grown into something you didn’t want or expect them to grow into. So, if you’re ordinarily a drinker and took the month off, likelihood is that if or when you go back to have a few drinks, it’ll be less than what you used to drink. Your tolerance may have gone down, you may have got used to more mocktails than cocktails and found you didn’t really miss the latter. It’s such a personal journey and decision on how you want to treat your relationship with alcohol, but hopefully, you can glance back at Sober October now and it be considered a little win. Remember, not long now until Dry January also! Woo.

 Perhaps though, you enjoyed Sober October SO MUCH, you’re not really to ‘fall off the wagon’ again just yet. That’s exciting isn’t it? Pre Sober October you probably thought you’d get to the end and be absolutely gasping, but often that’s not the case. Keep doing what you’re doing, you know what’s right for you.

 In any case, too much booze aint good for ya. We all know that. That’s why Mockingbird Spirit was created in the first place. To give you the option. So, if you choose not to drink for one week, two months, three years or your entire life, there needs to be alternatives to make sure for that period you’re looked after.

 Drinking can feel a bit exclusive when you’re in the minority not doing it, that’s why sometimes mocktails, although fickle little creatures, can be the side kick you need for that sober night or sober life. You can walk the walk, talk the talk and drink the marg without feeling lesser than or different.

Welcome to the world of Mockingbird Spirit, here you belong, you’re included, and you’re celebrated. Yes, even you at the back there- we got you.