Wellness Wednesday

The wellness industry is now valued at $4.5 trillion and with hashtags like #SELFCARESUNDAY #FEELGOODFRIDAY & #TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY trending every single week and centring posts around the idea of mental and physical health and wellness, I thought it would be fun to uncover and explore some of the best ways to look after oneself this #WELLNESSWEDNESDAY.

One of the most important and sometimes unexpected tips that gets brought up time and time again is one of the easiest ways you can be kind to yourself. You don’t need any equipment or previous experience… It’s: Taking time out. Whether that’s taking a five-minute break from the screen for a cup of tea or giving yourself a much-needed duvet day, breaks are super important to keeping a well-rounded sense of wellbeing. You know that feeling of being magically ‘recharged’ after a blissful holiday? It’s because you are, sometimes you need to switch off to be able to switch back on again.

Nurturing relationships is also a great way to look after your mental health and get back to feeling yourself again. Whether that be brunch with friends, visiting a grandparent with a surprise bouquet or perhaps taking your other half out for a quick drink on a lunch break to reconnect. As the saying goes ‘No man (one) is an island’, it means that regardless of how independent you or anyone else may seem, none of us are completely self-sufficient and humans thrive on connections. Especially after the few years we’ve had where we haven’t seen as much of one another as we would’ve liked, it’s great to start being able to take advantage of being able to do so now in whatever way you feel safest and most comfortable.

Making time for a creative outlet is good for the soul, but creativity doesn’t have to mean becoming Mozart or Picasso to be ‘doing it right’. Some people are magnificent at the more traditional musical or artistic mediums which is awesome and more power to them – but others are somewhat challenged in those areas. I’m referring to myself here. For other ways to be creative I enjoy journaling/ mood boarding, but most of my creativity actually comes in the kitchen. Cooking is like meditating for me, I’m not on my laptop or phone (because, frankly, that would be super dangerous), and it means that my mind is focussed and distracted from any day-to-day thoughts and problems and my main focus is creating something… regardless of how simple it most likely is. *Winks at nachos*. The point being, creativity can be whatever you feel or want it to be, it’s about unlocking your imagination and letting yourself feel inspired to let those ideas flow.

The final one I wanted to bring up is something you can do every single day, multiple times a day, and it won’t even feel like you’re doing anything out of the ordinary. You want to be feeding and watering your body with only the best. There’s a reason you don’t feel fab after stuffing yourself with, shall we say, less than healthy things… I’m looking at you, you delicious but not exactly nutritional Fast-Food Chains! So next time you’re maybe feeling sluggish or headachy or not your finest self, it could be to do with a lack of self-care in the food and drink regime (or lack thereof) that you have. We know what makes us feel ace and we know what doesn’t, so it’s just a matter of listening to our bodies and making the best possible choices for our overall health and wellbeing, whatever shape, size, or form that may come in.

It’s 1st October on Friday AKA Stoptober // Sober October, which is a great month to make positive changes, pick up some great new habits and drop something that is no longer serving you. If you’re thinking of giving up alcohol for the month or you just fancy treating yourself (treats come under self-care and wellness, deffo) then use our special October code: OCTOBER20 for 20% off everything and FREE UK DELIVERY.

Love ya,

Fern xoxo