What Can Happen in A Year?

Mockingbird Spirit just celebrated turning 1 years old. 12 months of innovation and evolution but what can really happen in a year?

When we launched last August, we couldn’t possibly have predicted the trajectory of a brand-new business in the corona virus era. After multiple lockdowns, all manner of tiers (and tears lol) things are starting to steady out a bit… 

Despite the obvious hurdles the pandemic provided it has truly been a happy and successful first year of trading. I have met so many amazing Mockingbird fans thanks to social media and online connections, there has been an outpouring of support from day 1 from our customers and that’s really the whole point of what we do. To create and supply unique AF offerings to our amazing consumers. Cannot WAIT to get out and about more to see all your gorgeous faces IRL and keep the Mockingbird momentum going this year and throughout.

We started out with the 50cl bottle of Mockingbird which then got a little glow up and transformed into our current 70cl bottle that includes our new label which also underwent a facelift. But everyone knows it’s actually what’s on the inside that counts, so over the course of the year we have improved the recipe and refined the ingredients, making today’s iteration of Mockingbird the best it’s ever been!

Then came our Esmeralda NA Cerveza’s which made their debut back in April this year. They feature a touch of Tequila taste thanks to Mockingbird which is added to give a distinct flavour to an already phenomenal non-alc beer. Reminiscent of a refreshing Mexican cerveza with all the familiar flavour. It is 0.5% ABV, Gluten Free & Vegan as well as being a completely unique innovation in AF craft brewing. Esmeralda quickly went on to win an award at The European Beer Challenge making it an already award-winning drink.

We want to continue to grow the portfolio, expand the team and keep bringing the best alcohol-free offerings we can. I think it’s safe to say; we’re only just getting started.

Watch this space and thanks so much for following the journey, it means the world and I’ll always be so humbled and grateful for all your support. 

Love, Fern xo