What Makes Mockingbird Such a Tasty Tequila Alternative?


We’ve been sourcing the highest quality ingredients, finessing the recipe over time and maintaining our authentic and functional ethos throughout, but, what is it exactly that makes Mockingbird such a tasty tequila alternative. Come with me, I’ll spill the tea(quila) on everything that goes into our agave-based, non-alcoholic spirit.

Agave – The clue was in the description – AGAVE BASED – this is the OG main ingredient. 100% organic Mexican Blue Weber Agave. We went straight to the source, directly to the main blue agave production for actual Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. It’s the real deal! And it’s what gives Mockingbird it’s signature flavour and is the base for which all our other ingredients sit upon.

Ashwagandha – This one is what makes Mockingbird functional. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, it benefits mental and physical wellbeing by responding to stress and balancing the mind. It gives you the FEELING of Mockingbird, which is non-stop chilled vibes, get that relaxation hit without the hangover hit.

Cinnamon – When you experience a great aged tequila (reposado or anejo) you’ll find cinnamon tones in there thanks to its time in an oak barrel. We wanted to imitate that sensation by adding a cinnamon distillate to give the drink depth and excitement.

Habanero Chilli – Spice up your life with a touch of habanero! This ingredient brings a subtle tingle to emulate the alcohol, we’ve reproduced that function by using the chilli instead of ethanol. The mouth feel of an alcoholic drink without any of the actual alcohol.

Lemon – The sourness of lemons balances the other ingredients in Mockingbird with its distinct freshness. When you take a shot of tequila you usually have the lemon to cleanse the palate, they go well together & it also help alleviate the burn. But luckily with Mockingbird, we aren’t masking anything, we are only enhancing!

Pepper – The tasting notes of Tequila often include black pepper as one of the notable and prominent overtones that come through from a very well-made agave spirit, so naturally, pepper had to feature in our alcohol-free version. It layers a smoky aroma to give complexity without any harshness.

Vanilla – As a decent Tequila ages properly it mellows out and the taste is likened to Vanilla. So, that’s exactly the same effect we went for, some sweet vanilla notes to round the drink off perfectly and make sure it lent itself perfectly to use in myriad mocktails in place of a traditional tequila.

So, there you have it, the cat’s out of the bag (or should it be that the bird is out of the bag?), this is how we make Mockingbird and all the reasoning behind it. ‘Twas a labour of love to create but it was all worth it! This wasn’t about replacing Tequila, it was just about inventing a non-alcoholic spirit that could be used in place of Tequila – for whether you’re having a sober day, a sober night or a sober life. Plus, it means you can have all the margaritas with none of the migraines.

Cheers! // Salud!