You’re Not The Only One, Trust Me

It’s been a mental year and it’s taken a toll on our mental health. We are all super special and unique but if you’re feeling some type of way about everything that’s happened, you’re not the only one, trust me.

 The Corona Virus pandemic has had an effect on every aspect of our everyday lives. We’ve seen a lot of trauma, some of us have first-hand experienced a lot of trauma as well, so it is no great surprise that there will be repercussions from what has gone on.

 Physical, social, emotional and financial difficulties have made it one of the trickiest years that some of us would have ever had to navigate. And honestly, if all you ‘did’ was ‘get through’ this year, that’s absolutely perfectly fine.

 Jobs, houses, businesses and most upsettingly lives, were lost to Covid-19 and we are collectively experiencing something together, which means that we are all equipped to be there for one another more than ever.

 2020 has shown us, we are stronger together. All the incredible tales of neighbourly support, front line workers putting their roles before themselves and just the overall outpouring of love and gratitude we have witnessed for the smallest to the biggest acts of kindness.

 We all literally stood on our doorsteps once a week to clap, to celebrate and to show thanks to the carers, key workers and NHS heroes. Can you believe? That’s so freaking cool. It seems a little while ago now but that really was the coolest thing ever.

 So, with all the lows that we have endured there has and always will have been some highs too. Hopefully, we are now more grateful than ever for what we have rather than what we thought we needed.

 Take a breath as we come to the close of the year and as things continue to evolve and adapt due to the virus and the changes that it’s inevitably brought, just take a moment to reflect as well on all the greatness we have witnessed. Human beings, we get a bit of a bad rap, but now and again, we manage to turn a negative into a positive and continue to better ourselves and our society. More of that please!

 Some people will have, of course, suffered more than others so make sure as we come into the ordinarily nothing but upbeat festive season that we take a hot second to remember what we’ve been through and make sure that we reach out to those who are struggling and know in your heart that someone else will do the same for you too. Because, as it turns out, maybe we ain’t so bad after all.

 Nothing but love to you all! <3