Your Ten Step Toolkit For A Sober Weekend


F.R.I.D.A.Y – Time to prep for an awesome AF weekend. Nine days into Sober October- you’re doing great. The next two days are notoriously a little tougher than the other five in the week, so we put together ‘Your Ten Step Toolkit for A Sober Weekend’ just to give a little extra oomph to your efforts.

1. Book yourself into an AM online exercise class. Chances are, if you’re scheduled to Boxercise first thing tomorrow you won’t want to tuck into that Box o’ wine this evening.

2. Stock up on Alcoternative’s. Hopefully there’s ample Mockingbird Spirit on hand but there’s so many delicious NA options out there, you’ll barely notice the omitted alcohol. We’re talking cordials, kombuchas, tonics, sodas, smoothies, juices, mixers, non alc beers and wines, quite literally any taste your heart desires has got a guilt free (alcohol free) alternative. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off ye olde cocktail shaker and make mine a mocktail!

3. Crafternoon calling! Remember during lockdown when we bought Amazon out of house and home with more art supplies than you could sensibly store in the cupboard. Pop yourself down with a pot of paint and see where the creativity takes you.

4. Snappy retorts are always good to keep in your back pocket. ‘’But whyyyyyy aren’t you drinking?’’ ‘’just have one, it doesn’t count’’. Oh, hell no! Have a handful of comebacks ready for even the most persuasive of peers:
a. I’m just taking a break from alcohol.
b. I could drink but I’m choosing not to.
c. It gives me headaches/ tummy ache/ blackouts – delete as appropriate
d. I’m not really into bad breath and the taste of ethanol atm, thnx tho.
e. The pros of staying sober out weight the cons for me.

5. Be aware of triggers, this might sound dramatic but if there’s a scenario where you’ve never been sober before, maybe in these early days don’t push yourself to try it yet. If watching sport = beer, maybe make another plan for the time the match is on. Baby steps, you don’t have to do it all straight away, ease into the different situations.

6. Weather not great? That’s okay. It’s the perfect excuse to round up a movie marathon, get the snacks in, close those curtains and settle down for a three-parter film type arrangement or your favourite box set you’ve been meaning to binge.

7. ^ *However, do not feel like you have to hide away. Sometimes it can feel like if you avoid the outside world then you avoid the temptations. There are still ample opportunities to get out and about, socialise (in groups of six or less lol). If you’re concerned, pick a venue or activity that can’t involve alcohol. A coffee house that only serves softies or a park outing that wouldn’t have involved booze even when you were drinking.

8. Make a list of reasons you don’t really want to drink. Refer to said list when things are a struggle. When you’re considering a cheeky G&T (‘it won’t actually get me drunk though’), look at your list: eg. Reason No 1,826,351,829,40 I’m not drinking – when I drink, I’m a bit of a twat. That should do the trick. Subtle.

9. Create new routines. Set your alarm half an hour earlier. Without the banging headache first thing in the morning you could use that bonus half an hour to do anything you want, it’s a half an hour you didn’t have before. Scribble in your journal, listen to your favourite album at the moment and have a little dance, scroll on Instagram and achieve nothing at all… all are totally acceptable activities.

10. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself. It’s actually really not 100% easy for people to shun alcohol for a day, a week or month. Every day that you go without is reason for a mini celebration. Especially if you had a tough time that day keeping on track; Remember to treat yourself like the true legend you’re being…order the takeaway, buy the latte or book a haircut. Honey, you deserve it.

Hopefully at least some of those ideas are helpful on your particular journey. Keep doing what you’re doing! Remember to use code OCTOBER20 for 20% off all products this month on our website. Our treat to you for being fabulous AF.