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A short story of the origins of Mockingbird by Founder, Fern McCoy.

How do you solve a problem like Tequila?

Picture this. It’s Christmas day and you’re only hours away from ‘the grownups’ falling asleep, but before that tradition rolls around again (for the fourth time that day mind), it’s nearly time for another. A beautiful smell wafts through the house and catches you off guard. Putting The Grinch on pause for a moment, you tread carefully into the kitchen to inquire into the timings of everyone’s favourite time of the day: dinner.

In our house, we’ve never feasted on turkey or brussel sprouts. Instead, we dine on Mexican food. Rather than pigs in blankets and roast potatoes our table is spread with fajitas, tacos, quesadillas and, of course, we’re partial to a dash of Tequila. And that’s where Mockingbird’s story begins, with a nice, quality Tequila. 

mockingbird tequila

Born into a family with a real love and connection to Mexico, my life has been punctuated with regular visits to both North and Central America. Tequila is a firm family favourite and, as you can imagine, is enjoyed on many occasions. Tequila is great, don’t get me wrong, steeped in tradition and heritage and a thing of true beauty. However, it is not right for everyone. There are so many reasons someone might not want to drink alcohol… You could be cutting back, cutting out, pregnant, driving or just wanting to sample something a little bit different.

Many types of alcohol now have a non-alcoholic counterpart, all but one… Tequila needed a decent non-alcoholic alternative. One that looks and tastes exactly the same but for people who are staying sober.

I made it my mission to create the UK’s first non alcoholic Tequila alternative and just under a year later, after much experimenting, produced my very first bottle of Mockingbird. Cracking the flavour was always the number one priority and my respect for Tequila remained at the forefront of my mind. I’m delighted to share with you how the drink came to be and excited to be putting the Mexican culture I love so dearly at the centre of everything I do. 

fern mccoy

Fern McCoy


Fern McCoy is a first-time founder with a desire to shake up the low-no sector with the UK’s first non-alcoholic Tequila alternative. With a background in marketing, events and latterly the drinks industry, she has a passion for Tequila & Frida as well as everything else her Southern Californian heritage has to offer. 

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